4 Tips For Getting Big!

Eat 6 Meals a Day: This is the only way to be able to eat enough food while getting maximum nutrient absorption. Also eating 6 meals will keep your blood sugar even throughout the day avoiding highs and crashes that are associated with fat storage and sluggishness.

Get 2 grams of Protein per lb of bodyweight: Yes it sounds like a lot but that’s what it takes. You’re training hard and you need that extra protein to repair those broken down muscle fibres so that they come back bigger and stronger. Great sources include, protein powders, beef, skinless chicken breast, turkey breast, fish and eggs.

Do Not be Scared of Fats: The fact is we need them to operate properly and most of us do not get enough healthy fats like fish oil. Take a fish oil supplement, cook with extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil. Do not become obsessed with low fat foods, be more worried about refined carbohydrates.

Train Hard but Do Not Overtrain: Too many people spend far too much time in the gym these days, while research is indicating that rest is even more important. You will be breaking down your muscle fibres continuously and they need time to repair and grow and if you don’t allow them the time to do that they will at best get no bigger and at worst you’ll end up overtrained which means injury or sickness. Allow at least 24 hours before training any muscle again and never train an aching muscle.

Happy Training!