Is Personal Training Worth It?

It’s probably a thought that enters most peoples heads, rather than something that comes up in ordinary conversation, when considering their weight loss or training options. I think it’s a valid questions and if answered honestly the answer would probably be, not for everyone, no.

You might be surprised to hear me as a personal trainer say something like that but honestly it’s the truth, although that’s a simplified answer and I’m going to delve a little deeper into my thoughts in this blog post.

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1 Rep Max

The 1 Rep Max test is a strength test, it’s is helpful when designing your training program because it allows you to tailor your training specifically to your goals.

This test works best when used with Squats, Dead lifts, Bench Press and Rows.

For example if you wish to train for Hypertrophy then you will need to lift at 70%-85% of your 1 Rep Max and if you wish to train for endurance you need to lift at less than 70% of your 1 Rep Max. Continue Reading →

Body Fat Testing

If you wish to test your body fat percentage there are a variety of ways that you can go about it. Testing your body fat is a better indicator of if your training program is working or not. For a example if your weight is not changing on the scales that doesn’t mean things are not going in the right direction,if you are also weight training you could be building a little muscle offsetting any fat loss, in this article I’m going to discuss the different ways of determining your body fat percentage. Continue Reading →