We all need Protein and if you’re currently training for weight loss, muscle gain or just for the sake of your health then you need more than the general population.

For example a 150lb male training for muscle gain or bodybuilding would need around 300 grams of protein per day to reach his goals. Continue Reading →

Atkin’s Diet

The Atkins Diet is (on a simplistic level) a low carbohydrate diet. The diet was inspired by another low carbohydrate diet back in the 1970’s and was created by Dr Robert Atkins.

The diet was massively popular at the turn of the century but has in recent times suffered a little bit. There has been much mud throwing when it comes to this diet and it’s no surprise when you consider these figures: Continue Reading →

Budget Health Shopping

This shopping for weight loss list is in no way perfect and it’s not perfect for a reason… price. We can’t all afford to buy the items that should make up our diet but for most this list will be a step in the right direction and a great improvement on what we are eating at the moment. Continue Reading →

The Paleo Diet

Ever heard of the Paleo diet or Paleolithic diet? no I thought not. Basically paleolithic just means old age, this diet is the diet of our evolution, it’s what we’ve eaten for hundreds of thousands of years compared to the small amount of time we’ve been eating our modern day fare… 500 generations or so since the agricultural revolution. Continue Reading →

Is Organic Food Worth It ?

A few years ago the public seemed to really begin to take to the idea of organic food and the health benefits associated with eating it. Now it seems that people are asking is Organic Food Worth It as recently things seem to have swung back towards “normal” foods especially during the recession. Most if not all supermarkets have scaled down the amount of Organic food products on offer and 1 major chain has even pulled their own organic food brand altogether! Continue Reading →

How to raise your good cholesterol

Cholesterol is an animal sterol, which can only be found in animal fats not vegetable fats, so that’s one myth debunked right away.It is synthesised by the liver which can produce around 1000 miligrams a day which is more than enough to carry out the required tasks such as making vitamin D, build cell walls, and aiding digestion. Continue Reading →