Get a sprinter’s body

If I ask people of all the athletes in the Olympics who you’d most like to look like, 90% of the time they will tell me the 200m or 100m runners. And why not, they look muscular, lean, strong and healthy, they have the perfect body.

So how do they achieve such perfection? Well it’s all down to their diet and training of course, but let me explain. First of all they eat right, plenty of protein, healthy fats and good carbohydrates and they don’t over eat when it comes to calories. To work out your BMR and make sure you’re getting it right when it comes to calories go here.

Now training. First of all sprinters never run long distances, the longest distance they’ll ever run is probably 400m during their warm up and this is crucial and is to do with how the body is built and how evolution has shaped our genetics.

You see as humans we evolved to hunt down our prey over short distances not chase it to death over the course of 1-3 hours. So automatically we are built to respond better to short intense bursts of exercise. Also if you want to look ripped (low body fat) it helps to have better muscle tone and for that you need to lift weights. Sprinters do this on an intense level and build a good amount of muscle mass.

On the flip side long distance runners look frail and thin, even anorexic at time and who wants to look like that? The reason for their thin and frail appearance is due to long bouts of drawn out running at a steady pace which burns as much muscle for energy as fat thus reducing your muscle tone and reducing the ripped look even if they do have a low body (sprinters are generally lower in body fat than marathon runners believe it or not). And the second reason is a hormone called cortisol which is responsible for fat storage around the abdomen and burning muscle for fuel. The amount of this hormone rises rapidly when you train at a steady pace for an hour or so.

So why would you train like a long distance runner if you want to look like a sprinter? Drop the treadmill and pick up the weights and you’ll soon be looking better than you ever have…. guaranteed!