You owe it to your children

I was watching an episode of holiday swap over the weekend, yeah I know.. too much time on my hands but even though the producers try in their way to stir up friction and to make it fun with their silly jokes in the voice over, for me it was quite sad viewing and I’m about to tell you why.

One of the families were quite large and their poor kid was only 12 if I remember rightly and already obese. Now I do think that we have a responsibility to look after ourselves even though a lot of people would say if somebody wants to eat themselves into an early grave then that’s their choice they’re not harming anybody. But when there are kids involved I think it’s a whole new ball game and we should do all we can to teach them the right things about food and exercise.

You could see the poor kid wanting to get involved in the activities the other family had planned and his sadness when his mum and dad constantly pulled out. But the worst thing came when they constantly pulled their son out as well even though he was in no danger at all and clearly was enjoying taking part.

In the same way that prison inmates end up institutionalised and unable to live any other live than the one they got ussed to in jail if they’re are there long enough, the same thing happens to kids with their opinions on food and exercise.

This kid I no doubt is having it drummed into him every day that exercise is a waste of time and eat whatever you feel like. To me that is abuse just as bad as any physical beat down that could get handed out and is just as physical when the problem manifests itself in the early death of that human being.

So don’t let your kid go the same way put the effort in to encourage your child into sports and exercise and learn the basics of food and nutrition and how to live a healthy long and disease free life and to those of you who are already doing that well done, we need more parents like you!