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Lose Fat Like Never Before

The fitness industry these days seems literally flooded with magic pill supplements, celebrity diets, useless yo-yo fad diets, gimmicky weight loss DVD’s, fly by night personal trainers and far too much more to mention.

So I’m here to cut through all the rubbish and make things simple for you, you want to get into great shape right? Well then take a moment to read this page to find out how I get my clients the results they want time and time again by doing what works, getting rid of all the gimmicks and by concentrating on your goals not mine…

Ross Adkin

Ross Adkin
City of London Personal Training
London, UK 07535509698


I know that most of you reading this will have at some point in your life tried a fad diet or exercise program that didn’t work. Maybe you’ve tried many over the years and have been left with the feeling that maybe it’s just you…

Maybe Nothing Will Work For Me

I know how bad frustration can make you feel, I spent the best part of my teenage years trying to carve out a career in professional sport only to be told at the end of it all “sorry son you’re just not good enough!”

Hey but every cloud… I got to train in a professional environment for 4 years and during that time and to this day I have done nothing other than work in sport and exercise. I learned virtually all there is to know about health & fitness, from sport science to nutrition to personal training, I’m confident there is nobody out there with a better combined knowledge base and experience than myself.

I want to give this knowledge to you

I’m not just some fly by night personal trainer who followed some home study course like 95% of the trainers out there these days or a trainer who quit their day job to turn their hobby into a passion, this is all I know.

And I’m here to tell you that personal training can and will work for you, regardless of your age, sex, race or genetics, check out my personal guarantee to you.

But wait one moment, to build a great body it takes more than just running or lifting weights and that is why I’m the only London personal trainer that will provide you with full on nutrition coaching as part of your training.

Full Nutrition Support and Guidance

Nutrition is hugely important when it comes to achieving your goals and nutrition support and guidance is the most common thing lacking from most personal trainers out there. A long long time ago when I was just starting out like most trainers, I would just point clients in the direction of a certain diet and tell them to follow it or just ‘eat healthy’. I soon realised clients weren’t getting the results they should’ve been with all the hard work and effort they were putting in during the workouts, let alone the amount of money they had spent.

That’s when I decided that I had to offer more in this area and decided that I was going to take a more robust approach to helping my clients get their eating right, so that they get the best results possible. But I also realised that everybody has their habits, certain times they prefer to eat and certain foods that they like that others may not, but may not actually be doing them any harm.

That’s why I will never force supplements on you or anything un natural for that matter, I will never just hand you a pre made diet sheet and say “follow this”.

I’ll analyze your current diet and then give you the definitive guide on what to do based on this, your genetics and your history with food. Forget all those fads this is the only diet that works why? Because it’s personal to you! Think of it like your blueprint to the body you want.

Your Blueprint To The Body You Want

You’ll get FREE as part of the service…

  • Your BMR worked out, so you know exactly how many calories you need to eat per day to lose fat, no more guess work!
  • Your Metabolic Type worked out, alone most trainers and nutritionists would charge you £80 for this, you get it FREE!
  • My controversial e-book – Fast Fat Loss, The 2 Step System for Rapid Fat loss!
  • Basically you’ll be taken by the hand and walked through the diet side of things!

I Don't Work With Just Anyone

I would love to help everyone but sometimes we have to admit that it’s just not possible, now I’m not saying that you can’t lose fat or be healthy because yes YOU CAN! But here’e the rub…

Not everyone really really wants to change and these are the type of people I will not work with, mentally they are just not ready.

To get amazing results you need a burning desire to change, you need to be willing to bring yourself to the gym and work your arse off, you need to follow my advice outside of the gym also, you need to become obsessed! otherwise you are wasting both our time and you’re lying to yourself.

If you feel you are really fed up with not having to body you want, not being healthy, not knowing how to get it and are willing to make a commitment to me that you’ll fight as hard as possible to achieve your goals then I would love to meet you and help you achieve your goals.

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You Wont Better

I challenge you to find another personal training service in London that is this comprehensive, that is why I can offer you this full money back guarantee.

My training is not made for the masses or a one size fits all approach, each and every program is designed specifically for your goals and your genetics.

Right now you have probably the biggest decision you’ll have to make when it comes to your body, your health and your self confidence….

You Have A Very Important Choice To Make

You can slip back into the world of fad diets, DVD’s and gimmicky training routines that will frustrate you and leave you unhappy with your body for the rest of your life or…

You can choose a trainer like me that will give you the road map to the body you want and then guide you along the way, offering support, accountability, motivation and ultimately success!

No Risk, No Doubt

If the latter is you then I’d love to work with you and help you to achieve your goals and just so there is NO RISK and NO DOUBT in your mind, I want you to try me out for FREE before you book. That’s how confident I am, just call me now on 07535509698 to schedule an appointment and you’ll soon be on your way to a better body and a new you!

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P.S You wont find me in a big corporate gym, and in fact you wont find any decent personal trainers there because they quickly realize that the chain gyms care about one thing and one thing only… money!

They don’t care whether the trainers are actually getting their clients into shape they just want their check every month and to fill their quota and that’s why most of those gyms would give the cleaner a job as a trainer if he asked!

You can find me in my own gym 5 minutes walk from Liverpool street & Moorgate station, a place where the training is serious and the management and trainers know what they are talking about.

Yours Sincerely

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