1 Rep Max

The 1 Rep Max test is a strength test, it’s is helpful when designing your training program because it allows you to tailor your training specifically to your goals.

This test works best when used with Squats, Dead lifts, Bench Press and Rows.

For example if you wish to train for Hypertrophy then you will need to lift at 70%-85% of your 1 Rep Max and if you wish to train for endurance you need to lift at less than 70% of your 1 Rep Max.

It’s important to warm up properly when performing the test as you will be lifting considerable weight and you do not want to risk injury.

Performance: Warm up with a light set for 10 reps, take a minutes rest.

Add 5-10% extra weight and perform 3-5 repetitions, now take a 2 minute rest. Repeat this step until you fail at 3-5 repetitions.

Next add 20% more weight and try to perform 1 rep, if you can easily perform 1 rep then take a 3 minute rest and add slightly more weight. Repeat this step until you can only perform 1 rep. Like wise if you cannot perform 1 rep then take 3 minutes rest reduce the weight and try again.

It’s important to not for the test to be legitimate, the rep must be performed correctly with good form and without cheating. Enlist the help of a spotter if you have to!