5 Tips To Curb Your Eating

We all struggle from time to time when it comes to food. Whether it’s with how much we eat or what we eat and at the end of the day they both matter when it comes to staying in shape or losing weight, so here are 5 tips that will help you get a handle on things.

1.Drink more water. A lot of those pangs that you feel in your stomach during the day are actually due to thirst. We need on average 8 glasses a day to get our required amount, so for most people that means drinking more. Fill up a bottle with the right amount in the morning and keep it with you in the office and in your bag when you go out, making sure it’s empty before the day is over.

2. Order the small or medium portion: Research shows that most of us will keep on eating even when we’re full if there is food in front us. Maybe it’s because we don’t like to waste our money or maybe because the visual factor plays more of a role than we think when it comes to being full, but either way the simple fact is if it’s not there we can’t eat it. So go small!

3. Always eat breakfast: One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to skip breakfast. Research shows that most people who skip breakfast end up eating more total calories during the day. I know some of you don’t have an appetite upon waking, but that’s only because you’ve conditioned yourself to be that way, so now it’s time to turn the tables, start with something small and then over time you’ll be eating a normal breakfast before you know it.

4. Do not wait until you’re starving to eat: If you feel starving then your blood sugar is already too low and that is bad for two reasons, generally you’ll opt for worse sugary foods when you choose what to eat and that’s because understandably your body is after a quick hit. The second reason is if you continuously let your blood sugar drop to low then your bodies metabolism will slow and a slow metabolism means more susceptible to weight gain.

5. Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol is not only bad for you it also causes you to make bad decisions when it comes to food. Your inhibitions are lower and the diet goes out the window, also we’ve all been out and on the way home ended up in mcdonalds or the kebab house then woken up in the morning wondering why we ate that burger or kebab the night before throwing away our good work.