Achieving Your Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when you start to think about achieving your new years resolutions and as we all know most of them fall by the wayside. So I have written down my top tips that I use with my clients to help them write good sound resolutions and then stick to them!

  • Set an end date for the holidays e.g 2nd of Jan and by that date at the latest throw out or even better give all of your left over “holiday & bad foods” to charity or food drives.
  • Make your resolution as specific as possible, rather than being vague, there’s is more chance you’ll achieve it if it’s more specific. Also break it down into smaller goals for you to reach along the way e.g if your goal is 16 pounds in two months break it down to two per week.
  • Commit your resolution to paper. Put it in as many prominent places as possible e.g your computer at work, the fridge at home even in the bathroom. The key is to keep on seeing the target that you’ve set yourself and for others to see it to.
  • Tell the most important people in your life about your resolution. That way there is accountability, nobody wants to look like a failure in the eyes of those they or to let them down either and also they’ll be there for support along the way, the last thing you want to do is keep it secret.
  • Hire a good trainer. They’ll give you great support and make sure you’re exercising properly so that you actually see some results. Also if you’re paying for a trainer you’re not going to want to waste your money, of the 25% of people in the gym who actually achieve their goals 90% of them are with a trainer.
  • Realise that if your goal is to look good for summer then you have to start now. Starting in march or April when you realise that your holiday is just around the corner is simply too late.
  • Find a friend who has a similar resolution. Train together, work off each others energy and just basically be there for each other through the tough parts of your journey.
  • Record your starting weight and body fat (A trainer will also do this) so that you can see some real progress. There’s no better motivator than seeing the changes occur.
  • If you’re really struggling, try a few hypnosis sessions. For some of my clients this has really helped.
  • Buy some really nice clothes that are actually too small for you (the size you’re aiming for) this will give you something else to aim for and it will work like a reward for all your hard work.