The 7 Worst Things In The Gym

Being a personal trainer I’ve seen a lot of bad behavior in the gym over the years. Carry on reading to find out the things that really get on my nerves.

Guys training in groups of more than 3: You’ve all seen them, they stay on the same piece of equipment for 30 minutes performing sets at a rate that would make a snail happy, spending most of their time chatting between themselves and scaring most of the girls away from the weights area. Guys this is not a turf war! You don’t need to bring your whole crew to the gym! Your rest periods are too long and your training intensity is non-existent so if you’re serious about results split into pairs and do your own thing. Continue Reading →

Back Strengthening

Back pain effects 4 out of 5 adults and you’re most likely to suffer between the ages of 35 and 55.

With our modern lives becoming more and more sedentary, more time spent sat in chairs or the car in the wrong position and less and less time exercising it’s no wonder that our whole bodies not just our backs that are getting weaker and therefore becoming more susceptible to injury. Continue Reading →