Bench Press

This is another classic exercise and probably the most popular in the gym (for guys anyway) if there are only two men in the whole gym you can pretty much guarantee that one of them is on the bench press.

This exercise predominantly works the Pecs but also the shoulders and the triceps. The extent to which it works the chest over the triceps depends on hand position. To put the emphasis on the chest go with a wide grip and to work more on the triceps bring your grip close together.

Also by changing the incline of the bench is another way to change the emphasis of this exercise. When you increase the incline of the bench you work the shoulders more and put more stress on the upper fibers of the pecs.

Performance: In the video I am demonstrating a standard flat bench press. Set an Olympic bar with the desired weight. Lay flat down on a bench. Take hold of the bar with a grip slightly wider than shoulder width. Take the bar from the rack and lower down to your chest, The bar should finish across your nipples, Do not bounce the bar off of your chest!Then drive the bar back up to the starting position.