Body Weight Exercises

Body Weight Exercises are great as they can be done any where any time. You don’t need a gym membership and you don’t need to commit to any schedule.

A great measurement of relative strength, you’ll see a lot of big guys in the gym throwing around the 45kg dumbbells who put to the test wouldn’t be able to perform 1 chin up with their own body weight.

Although if your goal is hypertrophy and not relative strength, toning or weight loss then body weight exercises are probably not the right direction to go in.

The following is a list of the most common body weight exercises and the muscles they primarily work.

Press Ups: works your core, your chest, triceps and your shoulders primarily. Perform with a wide hand placement to target your chest more and a close hand placement to target your triceps more.

Chin ups: Primarily works your Lats (the two big muscles found on each side of your back) will also be a good test of your grip strength. Go for a wide grip to isolate the back and a close grip to engage the biceps more.

Triceps Dips: Just like the name suggests these work your triceps primarily and your shoulders and forearms slightly to. The further your feet are from the floor the harder this exercise will be.

Squats: Easy to perform, just make sure you get your bum right down to the floor. As a progression perform these as single leg squats. Works your quads primarily, your Glutes (bum) hamstrings and calves also.

Lunges: As hard as or a little bit more so than squats and work generally the same muscles if not the Glutes a little more. To make these harder perform as jumping lunges

Happy Training!