Budget Health Shopping

This shopping for weight loss list is in no way perfect and it’s not perfect for a reason… price. We can’t all afford to buy the items that should make up our diet but for most this list will be a step in the right direction and a great improvement on what we are eating at the moment.

These foods offer good value for money when it comes to being healthy and I’ve only included organic foods on this list when the price difference on the original is negligible. Now this list is not geared for weight loss (although most would probably lose some weight by including these items) but it is a step in the right direction for you and your whole family! enjoy!


Red wine, Organic Green Tea, Coffee

Meat & Dairy

All mince maximum 10% fat, steak cuts; Sirloin & Rump, Free range Eggs, Skinless chicken breast, Frozen fish (fish is OK, but never buy other meats frozen) Turkey breast or Steaks, Tinned tuna in brine (be sure to rinse to remove the excessive salt food companies add to the brine) Olive oil butter, Organic Skimmed milk (The fat ratios in milk is messed up when they are fed grain, by drinking skimmed you can avoid most of it), Organic unsweetened Soy milk (women only), Hard cheeses


Optional 10% of your diet, Organic porridge oats, Spelt or Brown Pasta, Brown rice, Brown bread, Quinoa, Semolina,


Frozen mixed vegetables, Spinach, Celery, Sweet potatoes, Broccoli, Organic Garlic, Red onions Coliflour,


All berries, Tomatoes

Sweeteners and condiments

Splenda, Salt Rite (salt replacement), Extra light mayonnaise, Cinnamon, Curicumin, Thai 7 spice.

Cooking Oils

Extra Virgin olive oil (for salads and cooking at low to medium temperatures), Butter & extra virgin coconut oil (for cooking at high temperatures)