Lunch Time Cheat Sheet 2.0

Back by popular demand here is the second edition of my Lunch Time Cheat Sheet, now there is even less of an excuse to go of the rails during lunch time. Print this out, keep it on your desk and refer to it whenever you’re in a rush. Enjoy!
Updates include, new meals and new restaurants.

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The Importance of Water

It is one of the essential components of all life, you could survive a couple of months without food but without water you’ll last a matter of days.

We humans are made up of 70% of the stuff, so it’s easy to see how a small drop in levels can effect your performance not only physically but also mentally. This fact makes staying hydrated equally important whether it’s inside the gym or out. Continue Reading →

Elimination Diet

An Elimination Diet is a diet where you take away the foods that you would normally eat regularly and then slowly back in. This is to flag any foods that you are sensitive to or that you may have an allergy to.

Although some people do lose weight in the beginning, this is not a great diet for weight loss. (the main reason people lose weight on this diet is because in the beginning it is so restrictive). Continue Reading →