Atkin’s Diet

The Atkins Diet is (on a simplistic level) a low carbohydrate diet. The diet was inspired by another low carbohydrate diet back in the 1970’s and was created by Dr Robert Atkins.

The diet was massively popular at the turn of the century but has in recent times suffered a little bit. There has been much mud throwing when it comes to this diet and it’s no surprise when you consider these figures: Continue Reading →

Is Organic Food Worth It ?

A few years ago the public seemed to really begin to take to the idea of organic food and the health benefits associated with eating it. Now it seems that people are asking is Organic Food Worth It as recently things seem to have swung back towards “normal” foods especially during the recession. Most if not all supermarkets have scaled down the amount of Organic food products on offer and 1 major chain has even pulled their own organic food brand altogether! Continue Reading →