Lennox Lewis & Micheal Watson visit the gym

The great Lennox Lewis recently visited the real fight club gym to train a group of lucky kids from the area for the afternoon. The ex heavy weight world champion was there on a charity mission and the kids were all from disadvantaged backgrounds, Lennox has always been one of the ‘good guys’ of the sport and the fact that he offered his services for free is also a great testament to his very king and giving nature. Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Avoid Gaining 7 Kilos at Christmas

First of all I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy christmas (if you happen to be reading this at christmas time that is). Now christmas should be a time for enjoying yourself with your friends and family and course that will involve some eating and drinking of the traditional christmas fair. I for one will be do exactly that and I see it is as a reward for be disciplined throughout the year. Continue Reading →

My Ten Commandments For Fat Loss

You’ve decided you want to get into shape, you’ve started looking around the internet or in books for exercises and advice, you may have even asked friends who’ve done it themselves before. But Where does this leave you? Swamped in information, literally pulling your hair out and eventually giving up! So here’s my 10 commandments to fighting fat to help you cut through all the b.s and stick to what works…. Continue Reading →

Fat Burning Exercises

When your goal in the gym is to lose weight then you want to make the most of time and you want to know what are the best Fat Burning Exercises. There’s no point standing around doing bicep curls with the 3kg dumbbells, you need to be moving more than one joint at a time my friend. Single joint exercises like dumbbell biceps curls just do not use enough calories or produce enough of a hormonal response. Continue Reading →