5 Tips to Avoid Gaining 7 Kilos at Christmas

First of all I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy christmas (if you happen to be reading this at christmas time that is). Now christmas should be a time for enjoying yourself with your friends and family and course that will involve some eating and drinking of the traditional christmas fair. I for one will be do exactly that and I see it is as a reward for be disciplined throughout the year. Continue Reading →

My Ten Commandments For Fat Loss

You’ve decided you want to get into shape, you’ve started looking around the internet or in books for exercises and advice, you may have even asked friends who’ve done it themselves before. But Where does this leave you? Swamped in information, literally pulling your hair out and eventually giving up! So here’s my 10 commandments to fighting fat to help you cut through all the b.s and stick to what works…. Continue Reading →

Fat Burning Exercises

When your goal in the gym is to lose weight then you want to make the most of time and you want to know what are the best Fat Burning Exercises. There’s no point standing around doing bicep curls with the 3kg dumbbells, you need to be moving more than one joint at a time my friend. Single joint exercises like dumbbell biceps curls just do not use enough calories or produce enough of a hormonal response. Continue Reading →

Weight Loss Tips

Here are my top weight loss tips, they are simple and easy to follow, so almost anyone who is serious about losing weight can to put these into action today and begin to see the difference fast!

Whenever you do Cardio perform High Intensity Intervals Plodding away on the treadmill for 20 minutes at an average speed will get you nowhere. Intervals have been shown to burn a greater percentage of fat whilst leaving your muscle mass alone and they also put a lot less stress on your body. A basic Interval session (after your warm up) would be: a 45 sec sprint (as fast as you safely can) every 3 mins, during the 3 mins after the sprint you will jog at a comfortable pace for recovery. Continue Reading →

Body Composition

What is Body Composition ? It is the percentages of fat, muscle and bone that make up yours and every human body.

It is used in the the health industry and sometimes by doctors (although doctors tend to prefer BMI which is near on useless) to determine whether you are ultimately in a physically healthy state.

But much more importantly one particular percentage is of utmost importance when concerned with losing weight or staying in great shape. If you want to look like the lady on the left then ladies you better get your body fat to around 20% and men around 15%. Continue Reading →

Interval Training

Interval Training or High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) is a form of Cardio training that targets your fat stores more effectively will keep you from or get you out of a plateau.

With Interval Training you’ll burn more calories in less time, you’ll reduce your risk of injury and you’ll be burning calories for the rest of the day! (increased EPOC which means in English because the training is harder your body will spend the rest of the day trying to recover, which takes extra calories) Continue Reading →

Is Fruit Making You Fat?

If you are struggling to lose weight or are stuck with those last few lbs, read on to find out how fruit could well be the culprit.

First of all fruit is a great source of vitamins and antioxidents and we all need a certain amount in our diet to contribute a long and healthy life. For most of us we are probably not eating enough or maybe just the wrong types. Continue Reading →

My top 4 supplements for weight loss

The first thing you need to keep in mind in that there are no ‘magic bullets’ nothing you take alone will get you to lose weight. It takes hard work, correct nutrition, time and dedication but if you already have all of those then there are a few extra things that you can add in to really help push things along and increase your overall weight loss. Continue Reading →