Creatine the best legal supplement?

It seems that every week the food standards agency are trying to ban one thing or another and they’ve turned their attention to Creatine more than once.

Most of the time the suggestions that certain supplements are dangerous are completely unfounded and usually backed up with unbelievably biased and poor research.

Apart from being regularly attacked by the FSA, the media also wades in to the argument with an irresponsibly written headlines that most people see and believe without questioning the source or the motive of the story. I remember the ridiculous story concerning Arsenal’s players and Creatine a few years ago.

Now Creatine is completely safe in normal healthy adults if you follow the instructions and at the end of the day it’s a naturally occurring amino acid, we’re are not talking about a drug here!

It is extremely effective supplement for increasing strength and endurance in the muscles due to it being a important factor in the deliverance of energy to the muscles.

Although it is said not to have any effect for 20% of people who take it, the 80% for who it does work will see great benefits within 2 weeks and this really is the reason that it is villified.. because it works so well for so many people. 

I would personally recommend Creatine for anyone who wishes to take their performance to the next level (if they already have a good training program and a clean eating program). For certain Creatine is the most effective supplement.

Always consult a doctor before taking any supplement.