Davies Test

This test is a quick and simple upper body assessment of agility, stabilisation and speed. As an amateur athlete or just someone who is interested in knowing, you can use this assessment to see if the previously stated abilities are improving on you current training program.

The pluses of this test are that it is quick and easy to do, the only minus that I can think of is that you need another person to time you while you perform it.

Performance: Place two markers on the floor, 36 inches apart. You can use tape or a chalk mark etc. Get into a push up position, feet together and one hand on each of the marks. Now you’re ready to start.

For 15 seconds you need to bring one hand across to touch the other as fast as possible, repeat this in an alternating fashion for the full 15 seconds.

Repeat this exercise 3 times and record the best score. In the future revisit this test and try to beat your score.