Dead lift

Dead lifts are a great exercise and very versatile to, great for mass building and weight loss (depending on the amount of weight you lift, tempo & reps etc).

There has always been a bit of a debate about on which day to you use them, you will find that some trainers will argue that they should be used on a legs day and some will say back day.

Me personally I say back day and that’s because it works your lower back so hard and the involvement of your arms.

Let’s say for example that you’ve been training your upper body earlier in the week and you’re sore, your upper body needs a rest. Doing five sets of heavy dead lifts is not going to allow it to.

Also the range of your legs on a dead lift (akin to half squats at best) so it is not great leg work.

Performance: Put a barbell on the floor in front of you with the desired weight fixed to the bar. Take a medium wide stance in front of the bar and a grip that is just outside that of your foot placement. Now bend your knees look forward and straighten your back before you lift. (this is very important to avoid back injury)Haul the bar up from the floor maintaining you posture throughout. Stand up straight and then lower the bar back down again by bending your knees and keeping you back straight. Touch the bar on the floor before you begin your next set.