Diabetes is a condition that affects over 100 million people worldwide and the age group most affected is 40-59 years, but the lower end of that is coming down all the time with more and more young people affected. In the U.S alone are a million new cases each year.

Diabetes is a disorder where the body’s ability to produce Insulin (a hormone secreted by the pancreas) or to use blood sugar (glucose) is affected.

There are two types of Diabetes type 1 and type 2 which is otherwise called Adult Onset Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes usually has an underlying disease as a cause and can be found in people of normal weight and the young. With type 1 Diabetes there is a lack of insulin and therefore glucose or blood sugar cannot be properly delivered to the muscles and cells which results in dangerously high blood sugar levels. Extra Insulin is needed via injection daily to make up the shortfall in what the pancreas produces.

Type 2 Diabetes is directly related to obesity and in particular abdominal fat. The amount of people affected in the U.K and the world has increased rapidly in the last few years, causing wide concern. With type 2 Diabetes the pancreas produces enough Insulin it’s just that the cells become resistant to it and do not allow it in, which then leads to high blood sugar. This can lead to Kidney, heart, nerve, eye and circulatory damage.

Undoubtedly the causes in the increase incidence of Diabetes is due to lack of activity and a diet full of too many calories and refined carbohydrates.

There is a state of pre-diabetes where things are starting to go wrong but it’s not too late to prevent full blown Diabetes. To turn things around or to just reduce your risk and to live a long healthy life you need to exercise at least three to four times per week, do not eat too much and cut down on your refined carbohydrate intake.

That means eating less sugary crap, less rice, less potatoes and less bread and no just switching from white to brown is not good enough if your eating too much.