Elimination Diet

An Elimination Diet is a diet where you take away the foods that you would normally eat regularly and then slowly back in. This is to flag any foods that you are sensitive to or that you may have an allergy to.

Although some people do lose weight in the beginning, this is not a great diet for weight loss. (the main reason people lose weight on this diet is because in the beginning it is so restrictive).

This diet can take a long time and can be quite tedious as you need to record absolutely everything from what you eat and how you feel.

The first step is to record everything that you regularly and any symptoms that you currently have. Then you are ready to begin.

The first foods you need to refrain from eating are any that you suspect may be causing your symptoms and then you need to cut these:

  • processed foods
  • anything with artificial colouring
  • milk
  • tea and coffee
  • chocolate
  • bacon
  • processed meats like sausages and corned beef
  • eggs
  • nuts
  • peas, beans and sweetcorn
  • citrus fruits
  • sugar
  • wheat

You need to keep off these foods for around two weeks to make sure that they have completely left your system.

The next step is to slowly add foods back into your diet one at a time and record any results, this stage could take up to 2 months and so requires a lot of discipline. If when you add any of these foods back in then the theory is that this is a food that you have an allergy to and you should refrain from eating it.

Before starting any diet you should consult your doctor and is especially important with this diet as you’ll be cutting out a lot of nutrients. Also bear in mind that this diet is not fool proof and physiological or physiological factors could be causing your symptoms.

And one final point is that your body is always changing and you could develop a different allergy or grow out of an old one in time. I for one would rather stick to foods that I know are healthy and are good for my metabolic type rather than go through this twice a year!