Is Fruit Making You Fat?

If you are struggling to lose weight or are stuck with those last few lbs, read on to find out how fruit could well be the culprit.

First of all fruit is a great source of vitamins and antioxidents and we all need a certain amount in our diet to contribute a long and healthy life. For most of us we are probably not eating enough or maybe just the wrong types.

What are the wrong types? well no fruit is actually wrong per se it’s just that some are a better choice than others, for example bananas are very calorific and exert a strong effect on your insulin response (that is why you see tennis players eat so many of them between sets) and compared to berries they just do not pack the same antioxidant punch. Bananas are best left to be eaten around trying times when an insulin spike is not so much a problem and in fact for guys training for size it will be beneficial.

The average banana packs 27 grams of carbs which is quite a lot when you consider their size and with the ease with which you can wolf them down. All in all when it comes to fruit all berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries etc) are a far better choice, it will take around two large punnets of berries to give you a sugar spike where as only two bananas will have the same spiking effect in most individuals. Also berries have a greater surface area in contact with the air and a much thinner skin than bananas, oranges etc so they need more antioxidants to protect themselves, which is great for us.

But you can’t just go out there stuffing your face full of berries and i’ll tell you why. All fruit is carbohydrate but the carbs from fruit (fructose) behave a little different in the body than most others, the energy (fructose) from fruit can only be converted by the liver and the liver’s capacity is quite small, it would only take 3 glasses of orange juice to fill it. After the liver is full the reminding fructose will be converted to fat and stored to put in simply.

So to avoid this happening to you you want to try and consume your fruit in the morning, after training and spaced out evenly throughout the day and Smoothies are best avoided at all times.