Is Organic Food Worth It ?

A few years ago the public seemed to really begin to take to the idea of organic food and the health benefits associated with eating it. Now it seems that people are asking is Organic Food Worth It as recently things seem to have swung back towards “normal” foods especially during the recession. Most if not all supermarkets have scaled down the amount of Organic food products on offer and 1 major chain has even pulled their own organic food brand altogether!Everyone knows that the last few months were tough and it’s understandable that people would switch back from Organic foods to the basic ranges…. even waitrose have launched their own essentials range…. unthinkable a few years ago!

But is Organic worth it? is there much difference?? and what does it all mean for your health??

First of all we’re only talking about the difference in quality between Organic and all other food in the supermarket, no taste the difference range no premium brand because once it’s not organic it’s all the same… they just put it in different packaging cut it a little nicer and choose the better looking ones.

So what exactly does Organic mean?

The use of conventional non organic pesticides, insecticides and herbicides is greatly restricted and avoided as a last resort. However, contrary to popular belief, certain non organic fertilizers are still used. If livestock are involved, they must be reared without the use of antibiotics and without the use of growth hormone, and generally fed a healthy diet.

In most countries, organic food produce may not be genetically modified. All of which is great news as being at the top of the food chain we end up with the highest concentration of these chemicals in our bodies and for an extra bonus the fatter you are the more of these chemicals will hang around in your body as their favourite resting place is the fatty tissue.

“So what are the health issues with pesticides?” you ask. How long have you got??

The world health organisation estimates that 3 million farm workers develop severe pesticide poisoning every year, 18,000 of whom end up dead.

Lower level pesticide exposure has been linked in study after study to cancer, depression, miscarriages, skin conditions and birth defects and this is all without any studies into synergistic effects!! believe me the government are scared to do that research.

So what can you do about it?

Well first of all if you can only afford to buy certain foods organic then you should always choose your veg, fruit, milk and cheese from organic sources as these are the most heavily polluted in the supermarket. Here is a good comprehensive list into the most sprayed crops.

But if you can’t afford to buy anything organic then choose your foods carefully from the list above and always wash and skin your fruit and veg.

It’s up to you but try an all organic diet for one month and I guarantee that you’ll look better feel better and see better results in the gym.