Is Personal Training Worth It?

It’s probably a thought that enters most peoples heads, rather than something that comes up in ordinary conversation, when considering their weight loss or training options. I think it’s a valid questions and if answered honestly the answer would probably be, not for everyone, no.

You might be surprised to hear me as a personal trainer say something like that but honestly it’s the truth, although that’s a simplified answer and I’m going to delve a little deeper into my thoughts in this blog post.

The reason I say not for everyone is because we’re all different and apart from all having goals that range from slightly different to massively different, we also will each have a more optimum route to achieving those goals.

Apart from a significant monetary investment, personal training also requires an emotional investment. You need to commit to what the personal trainer has prescribed you to do, in and out of the gym. The trainer will only see you a few hours a week which in the greater scheme of things, although important, ales into insignificance if you don’t have the will power to commit. You might feel good turning up to the gym and putting a shift in while your trainer is there but if you throw away all the hard work in the rest of the day, then you’d be the type of person that personal training is not for.

Likewise if you turn up to the gym without the will power to actually train and push yourself. Things like checking your phone during sessions, holding back on effort during exercises and moaning about every exercise given to you, then you’re not going to achieve much and again I’d say right now personal training is probably not worth it for you.

In the two examples above, I’d recommend getting prepared to really accept that your diet and lifestyle will have to change if you don’t want to waste your money, this could just be being honest with yourself, it could also mean seeing a diet specialist first and it definitely means finding a trainer who has experience in this area at least. Also you might want to consider seeing a physiologist to change the mental block you have to pushing yourself in the gym, mental health is really important and it could also come with a lot of side benefits alongside the increased motivation you’re looking for.

To sum up, personal training is not for everyone, some people are just not in the right place now for it, despite what most personal trainers in London that I’ve met will tell you. And it’s really important to make sure that it is for you before you go out and drop a lot of money on a service that could or could not achieve anything for you. This is why I love no obligations trial sessions first or just an informal chat, you and the trainer will find out a lot about each other and you will probably get a sense after whether it’s worth it for you or not.

Anyway just some thoughts for today, got to get back to training.

See you in the gym

Ross Adkin

City of London Personal Training

Ross Adkin Personal Trainer

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