My Ten Commandments For Fat Loss

You’ve decided you want to get into shape, you’ve started looking around the internet or in books for exercises and advice, you may have even asked friends who’ve done it themselves before. But Where does this leave you? Swamped in information, literally pulling your hair out and eventually giving up! So here’s my 10 commandments to fighting fat to help you cut through all the b.s and stick to what works….
  • Go on a low Carb diet: The single greatest way to shrink that belly as fast as possible.
  • Stop drinking: Alcohol is packed full of the wrong calories, what’s more you make bad decisions while under it’s influence wreaking havoc on your diet efforts and with a nice little hangover the next day ruins any chance of exercise for another day.
  • Exercise: If you’re only daily activity is tapping away on a keyboard then almost anything will make a difference which brings me to my next point..
  • Exercise right: Most common mistake in the gym, if you want to lose fat Interval train and lift weights don’t waste your time plodding away on the cardio equipment for half an hour. Yes you might be sweaty but you wont be losing too much weight.
  • Get help: Avoid mainstream magazines and fad diets. Some trusted sources of knowledge out there are Dr Jonny Bowden, Patrick Holford and the many books that they have on the nutrition side of things. Hire a trainer, it works, simple.
  • Commit this part of your life to getting in shape: Do it now or don’t bother. So many people spend their whole life on off dieting because they let too many things get in the way. If you just committed yourself to it wholeheartedly you could be done in 6 months.
  • Prioritise your health: So many people put their jobs before their health. It should be the other way around! Your health and your family are the most important things in life, put them first and you’ll live a long and happy life.
  • Get your mind right: With the risk of sounding new agey, you have to believe you can do it or you never will. It doesn’t matter your starting point you can get any body that you want, trust me I’ve seen it and helped people do it so many times. If you still need convincing go out there and read some of the amazingly inspirational stories, they’ll help put your situation into perspective.
  • Set goals: If you don’t know where you want to go how can you ever expect to get there? When you have clear and defined goals working out the route map becomes easy and set them high, don’t sell yourself short.
  • And lastly Don’t over train: See this one a lot as well. Obviously people are fired up in the beginning and fly out of the blocks. Then they get injured or burnt out and lose the will to carry on, ending up achieving nothing. Easy does it, remember however hard you train you won’t lose it all over night.

Good Luck and if you need any help be sure to drop me an e-mail at See you in the gym, Ross.