We all need Protein and if you’re currently training for weight loss, muscle gain or just for the sake of your health then you need more than the general population.

For example a 150lb male training for muscle gain or bodybuilding would need around 300 grams of protein per day to reach his goals.

Now eating this much is not easy and can be very expensive, we can’t all afford to eat steak every day!

This is where protein powders come into their own.

  • They are very cheap in comparison
  • You can take them with you to work or to the gym
  • These days most actually taste pretty good
  • They are easy to drink after a workout, when it’s vital to get some protein into your system

It is actually the most basic of supplements and the most important, If you’re not getting sufficient amounts of protein then spending money on any other supplements is a complete waste of money

There are too many over hyped supplements out there, all claiming to be the next miracle.

So get your house in order, make sure you have some good quality protein, get on a good training program and then maybe after a few months of good solid training and good eating, you can think about some other supplements.

I recommend Instant Milk Protein for use throughout the day and Whey Protein for use within 20 minutes of finishing your workout

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