Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron is now a well known phrase in relation to heading down the gym and lifting some weights “Wanna go pump some iron?” but it wasn’t until 1977 and the release of the low budget documentary ‘Pumping Iron’ that the phrase was taken to the mainstream.

In the film we were introduced to the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, Louis Ferrigno and Franco Columbu, most notably Arnold and Louis who went on to further their careers on T.V.

The Documentary was a look into the then unknown world of bodybuilding and the characters challenging for the coveted title of Mr Olympia. The most remarkable thing about the fail I think for anyone who has never trained seriously for anything before will be the absolute dedication these people put into the sport they love and for most to never really achieve anything apart from the admiration of their fellow competitors and the small amount of fans that bodybuilding had in those days.

It is really a significant film because without this Arnold may not have become an actor and later govener of California (although I think he would achieved greatness in whatever path he chose in life, such was his personality), bodybuilding wouldn’t be as popular as it is these days and the gym revolution that struck America and then the world soon after may not of happened.

I can’t recommend watching this film enough, if you go to the gym regularly it will greatly inspire you and even if you don’t the dedication that these guys took to achieve their goals can be applied to any area of your life and what’s more it’s quite funny and entertaining.

If you want to buy this DVD check it out here or click on the image above for more information. Enjoy!