Russian Kettle bells

Russian Kettle bells have been around for hundreds of years but it is only recently that they are going through their second round of popularity. Obviously by the name you will have gathered that they originated in Russia where a standard Kettle bell weighed 32 kilos, thankfully you can find them in most gyms in a variety of different weights.

It’s not clear where the cause for their recent popularity arose probably celebrities proclaiming their love of Kettle bell workouts. Although strongmen have been using them in their training for years.

The fact is that Kettle bell workouts are great and can be very hard. The major difference between kettle bells and Dumbbells is that with Kettle bells the weight hangs below the grip allow for the weight to be swung at many different angles and at faster speeds. Also it’s possible to hold a Kettle bell with two hands which with a Dumbbell is not practical.

Here are the major and most popular Kettle bell exercises:

  • Turkish Get up
  • Windmill
  • Kettle bell Swings
  • Kettlebell Squats
  • Front Squats
  • Shoulder Press