Sugar Is Killing Us

Now the title of this article may seem radical but there is solid truth behind it and now that I’ve got your attention I want to discuss the negatives of our modern diet and determine if sugar could actually be killing us.

If like me you are lucky enough to live in a European first world country, then ever since the end of the second world war and the following end to rationing, food has become increasingly more available. More and more fast food restaurants, cafés, bakeries, supermarkets and take aways have opened for business, where you live, where you work and where you go to school or college. And they’ve all found their way into your homes through your t.v and through the internet where they can afford big advertising campaigns which produce a want for a product from the viewer. This is most effective when targeted at kids with the use of their favourite cartoon character or a free toy which can only be had at their restaurant

And what do they all have in common? Sugar or to put it correctly Refined Carbohydrates. But why am I quick to blame refined carbohydrates you’re probably asking, why not fat? Why not protein? Well from 1965 onwards the total of daily calories that we get from fat has been steadily decreasing, from 1965 to 1995 it was down 10% for both men and women, while carbohydrate consumption has been steadily increasing.

As for protein, recent studies have found that our hunter gatherer ancestor’s diet contained around 50% – 75% meat which anyone apart from a body builder would consider high. The rest being made up from gathered foods including nuts and fruit. This is how we were built to eat, this is how we thrived and developed into the highly intelligent beings we are today. It’s only since the agricultural revolution that major diseases have increased in occurrence decade by decade.

With 1 billion adults overweight and 300 million of them Obese something has drastically gone wrong and something is to blame, but is it sugar’s fault? Is it the big companies peddling their convenience foods? Is it the education system? Or is it you and me? I think all 3.

As I said before, the fast food companies aggressively pursue your business and use the the best tasting and cheapest ingredients available, which is usually sugar. And do they care? Well only when we start to realise the truth, for example McDonald’s over the last 5 years have tried to smarten up their image but don’t be sucked in, they haven’t made many changes, just enough to appease public opinion.

The education system is also to blame because it fails to protect our kids from these companies allowing them to sponsor school events thus gaining the students as an audience. Also for failing to teach them the truth about food and diet instead pushing the same outdated cookery or home EC classes from the fifties.

And lastly you and me, we have a responsibility to look after ourselves and to seek the truth instead of gaining the majority of our viewpoints from a biased media instead of questioning the source and the impartiality.