Supplements are something that you should only think about adding to your diet when you’ve have done all you can to improve and optimise your food intake although there are exceptions to this which I will speak about a little later in this article.

Too many people these days are looking for a quick fix and that is probably never more so when it comes to changing their bodies. But the key thing to remember is that despite all of the sales hype in the magazines and on the billboards, nothing will change your body quicker than changing your diet, there is no magic pill!

The most popular boydbuilding supplements and the daddy of them all has to be protein powder. It’s come a long way from the bad tasting and bloated stomach inducing powders of the early days. Now it’s available in a scary amount of varieties, everything from pea protein to rice protein. I personally recommend whey protein for immediately before and after training and casein protein at all other times.

Protein powder is one of those supplements that you can add to your diet even if you haven’t perfected it quite yet as it’s not always easy and can be expensive to get enough from your diet, especially if you a guy who is trying to pack on muscle but is not really a big eater.

A good strong multi vitamin is another supplement that you should be taking from day 1 and pretty much for your entire lifetime. This is because of two things, modern foods are not generally as rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins as their predecessors due to GM contamination and crop spraying. Also when you are training you’re placing extra stress on your body and therefore your need increases.

So like Public Enemy says “Don’t Believe the Hype” get your diet sorted first and then start thinking about venturing into the world of supplementation, apart of course from protein and a multi-vit.

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