T-Bar Row

The T-Bar Row is probably one of the lesser known exercises for the back. There are specific machines for this exercise but you wont usually find them in your average gym and most people don’t know how to set up this great exercise, here I’ll show you how. You’ll need a V grip, an Olympic bar and a corner to put it in.

This exercise is great for fat loss and for mass building. It works your back and to a lesser extent your biceps.

Performance: Put one end of the Olympic bar in the corner and place the desired weight on the other end. Put your feet either side of the bar and put the V grip around the bar. Bend your knees and make sure that your back is nice and straight. Pull the bar up from the ground until the weights touch your chest then lower the bar back down slowly. When performing this exercise keep your back straight throughout and try not to bounce with your legs.