The 7 Worst Things In The Gym

Being a personal trainer I’ve seen a lot of bad behavior in the gym over the years. Carry on reading to find out the things that really get on my nerves.

Guys training in groups of more than 3: You’ve all seen them, they stay on the same piece of equipment for 30 minutes performing sets at a rate that would make a snail happy, spending most of their time chatting between themselves and scaring most of the girls away from the weights area. Guys this is not a turf war! You don’t need to bring your whole crew to the gym! Your rest periods are too long and your training intensity is non-existent so if you’re serious about results split into pairs and do your own thing.

People who refuse to share equipment: This is a bad one and it’s just down right out of order, luckily it doesn’t happen that much. You know, you see someone on a piece of equipment you’d like to use, they’re taking their time you ask to jump in and they just flat out refuse. Come on! It makes absolutely no difference to you if I use the equipment while you’re standing their picking your nose between sets. I’ve had a couple of rows in the gym over this one.

Fitness instructors who leave the studio door open so music spills out into the whole gym: This really gets my back up. Instructors we all ready have our own music on the gym floor we don’t need your poor taste in music clashing with it like a wanna be DJ trying to in his bedroom at his mum’s house! And what’s more we don’t want to hear your voice as you shout instructions into the microphone!

Talking on the phone: Yeah your ringtones awesome while I’m trying to concentrate. Please get some one else to call you and make sure it’s on full blast because it really helped me concentrate and finish my last set. Oh and if you want to have another 20min shouting match with your girlfriend on the phone please don’t mind us, go ahead! Simple LEAVE YOUR PHONE IN THE LOCKER!

Training with your shirt off: Look your not Arnold Schwarzenegger, your not even a semi pro body-builder, do us all a favour and put the shirt back on. We don’t want to look at your sweaty body while you workout and what’s more we don’t want that back sweat over all of the equipment! If you need to see to see your muscles why you train then get a vest.

Grunting uncontrollably: You’re not in the US OPEN men’s finals, keep it down. Now I’m not having a go at everyone even I grunt a little on those final few sets, but I am having a go at those of you who grunt so uncontrollably that you can be heard on the other side of the gym! Relax man people know your here you don’t need to announce it every set and I know you think so but the girls they don’t like it!

Not putting away your equipment: This one is really just laziness, you just lifted those 32’s so we know you can put them back, please don’t leave the gym looking like a bomb just hit it, it just downright inconsiderate! And when you load up the bar with 120 kilos on the rack and just leave it there remember the next person who wants to use it has to strip it down and any girls wouldn’t have a chance and are gonna need help, all because you’re an inconsiderate %@£”!

OK moaning over let’s all get back in the gym!