The French paradox

It has baffled scientists and dieticians a like for years how the French manage to dine on some of the richest foods on earth and at the same time mostly remain slim and have lower levels of chronic heart disease than countries with similar diets and levels of exercise, read on to discover their secrets to a healthy life…..

There are a few theories as for the reasons behind the French’s low obesity and heart disease rate and most of them focus of dietary fat. The French consume a more saturated fat than Americans (the world’s capital of obesity) and yet remain slim.

This was first explained by France’s love of red wine. Red wine in small quantities undoubtly contains many health benefits including anti oxidants in high concentrations and what’s more they usually drink it with with their food, so it’s no surprise that red wine is offered as one reason.

Another reason offered is the difference in serving sizes. French portions are 25% smaller on average than American portions sizes which equates to one hell of a lot of calories over the course of a year.

Me personally, I don’t think that you have to look far to find the reasons for the paradox, instead of looking for a magic ingredient in the wine or what not, we need only look at the over all differences in lifestyles.

The differences are endless. The French eat more fat but it’s more natural fat. In America and Briton we eat far too much dangerous hydrogenated fats from convenience foods, which quickly lead to fat storage and heart disease.

They eat their larger meals earlier in the day when they need them the most and lighter meals in the evening when we are more vulnerable to fat storage.

They eat far less sugary foods again by choosing fresh natural ingredients and avoiding processed and convenience foods and finally they exercise! yes they cycle and they walk more and if you think about it it’s pretty simple really, they eat less calories, they use more calories and the calories they eat are natural and not man made, that’s no paradox to me!