The not so secret law of thermodynamics

When it comes to weight loss there is one simple rule that often gets forgotten amongst the new age gimmicks and the so called magic pills and all the short cuts to weight loss that all end up inevitably lead only to failure and frustration, this rule is one that is so important when it comes to weight loss that if you’re getting it right then it doesn’t matter what diet you’re on or how hard you’re training, you’re results will be poor…

So what am I talking about? The law of thermodynamics of course! If you’re a beginner then you’ve probably never heard of it but even worse if you’ve been trying to lose weight for some while and you’ve never heard of it. It should be your first stop, not your training programme and not some gimmicky exercise.

The law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only change from one form to another. So that basically means that all that fat you have will not go away on it’s own and you need to create an energy deficit to force your body to use that fat as energy and also you need to ingest less energy than you need to again force your body to look to it’s fat stores to make up the deficit.

So how do you do this? Well first you need to know your BMR and that is the amount of calories (energy) you need per day to remain at your given weight. Then once you know that you need to create a 500 calorie a day deficit which over the course of a week is sufficient to get you losing weight. Of course you can also up your activity to help create a deficit and it is highly recommended that you do this also.

So for example let’s say that your BMR is 1500 calories, so to lose 1 pound of fat per week on your inactive days you would need to limit your calorific intake to no more than 1000 per day and on your training days if you burned 500 calories during your workout you could consume the full 1500 and still lose weight, although if you kept your calories to 1000 on those day as well you would lose weight a lot quicker.

Good luck!