The Paleo Diet

Ever heard of the Paleo diet or Paleolithic diet? no I thought not. Basically paleolithic just means old age, this diet is the diet of our evolution, it’s what we’ve eaten for hundreds of thousands of years compared to the small amount of time we’ve been eating our modern day fare… 500 generations or so since the agricultural revolution.

Now why is this diet so good? because it fits perfectly with our genetic makeup… it’s what allowed us to evolve into the complex beings we are today (well some of us anyways)

When the DNA of cavemen has been studied they have always shown lower rates of the most common diseases of the modern era e.g cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc etc and when you study the paleo diet it’s not hard to see why… the foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, good fats, proteins and devoid of the refined, sugar laden, salt laden, calorie dense and starchy carbs which are prevalent in our diet today.

So what exactly can you eat on this diet you cry? well to put it simply fruits, nuts, lean cuts of meat and fish and as much fibrous vegetables as you can get your hands on, basically anything you could find or catch in the wild. Some of the big no-no’s are rice, potatoes and dairy as they screw up your blood sugar levels leading to weight gain and for a worryingly high number of people these days, type 2 diabetes. For a good comprehensive list of recipes check out this site and if you want help with what to buy at the supermarket check out my Budget Shopping article, Happy eating!

P.S if you want some further reading on this subject check out this great book by Loren Cordain, it’s essential reading on this subject and help get me started back in the day.