Top 10 Worst Health Gifts of All Time

You’ve probably owned 1 at some point or another and you may have even given 1 as a gift but what’s for certain is they’re all probably gathering dust in the loft. So here goes the top 10 worst health gifts of all time:

10. Ab wheel

Not actually that bad when used properly and as part of an overall workout regime. But it makes it in at number 10 just for the sheer dishonesty of the ad campaign which promised a ripped midsection from using this little piece of plastic alone.

9. Chest expander

My dad had one of these and that says it all really.

8. Iron gym

The new kid on the block, this one is basically a chin up bar on steroids! You’ve seen the advert, guy on steroids using the machine with a look of awe on his face as though he’s finally met his match! This piece of crap can be used be do chins and push ups basically, both exercises you can do easily without forking out £49 plus delivery beforehand.

7. Thighmaster

If you were alive in the 90’s then you’ll no doubt know about the thigh master. This cheap rubber covered piece of metal promised to give women the thighs they always wanted and guys biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger, when in fact it worked the groin muscle not the thighs and offered less resistance than the Italian army. The only thing it did guarantee was to making you look like a complete idiot when using it!

6. Electro abs (Ab-Tronik)

Now you can get rock hard abs with no sweat.””Lose 4 inches in 30 days guaranteed.””30 percent more effective than normal exercise.””10 minutes equals 600 sit-ups.”

All while watching T.V… yeah right!, Ab-Tronik was a big hit with people who wanted to work out without actually moving! the absolute pinnacle of laziness!

3. Generic z list celebrity dvd

I’ve literally lost count of the amount of these that come out each year. You know the score, Z-list celeb desperate to squeeze all they can out of their 15 minutes throws together workout dvd. Anthony from Big brother has got to be the most laughable one ever, should be in everyones collection just for the comedy value!

2. Power plate

“Vibrate your way to weight loss” lucky for you the power plate was to expensive for anyone to buy for home use. This pathetic piece of kit actually made it’s way into some major health clubs, if yours is one of those, on your next visit please slap some sense into the manager.

1. Ab melter 3000

This piece of crap claimed to melt the fat of your midsection by literally heating you up, well by that reckoning then if you live in a hot country it’s impossible to be fat! Come to think of it this companies theory could explain Father christmas’s problem… Geniuses!

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