Weight lifting for Weight loss

It’s true that around 90% of gym users are there for weight loss but around only 10% will actually use the free weights area. It’s a part of the gym normally dominated by the guys or the personal trainers and their clients. There is a reason for this other than just knowing what you’re doing, read on to find out what that little secret is….

Next time you’re in the gym do me a favour at look at the different areas of the gym and notice who uses what, you probably know already that most guys will be in the free weights area and most women will be on the cardio equipment.

I know that most women go to the gym are after weight loss and by spending their whole time on only the cardio equipment they really are missing a trick.

The commercial chain gyms fill their spaces with cardio equipment because it’s cheaper, easier to maintain and makes a good selling point when touring perspective new members but if you asked any professional coach or trainer to design a gym they would come back with a design including at most one third of the current levels of cardio equipment in most chain gyms. Why?

It’s because a few reasons, greater EPOC, greater functionality, toning, heart rate and a stress hormone called cortisol.

The two most important reasons are EPOC and that pesky stress hormone, cortisol. EPOC means Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Which put in layman’s terms means weight lifting takes more energy to recover from so throughout the rest of the day you burn calories!

Cortisol is a stress hormone that causes your body to burn muscle for fuel and can accelerate the aging process. Firstly long drawn out cardio sessions are very stressful to the body and cause cortisol rates to rise rapidly, so you’ll be burning away your precious muscle tone and could be accelerating the aging process. If that wasn’t enough cortisol also promotes fat storage around the mid section.

Now I’m not trying to scare you away from cardio sessions but they should always be performing in an interval format (unless you’re training for a marathon) and should last no longer than 30 minutes, do this and go lift some weights for the rest of your session and I can guarantee that you will lose more weight and increase your muscle tone.